Southwest United States 2012

Quintessential Southwest

Canyons, mesas, mountains and red slick rock . . . historical Indian ruins . . . ancient petroglyphs and art . . .

Cactus, juniper trees, and sagebrush . . . Pronghorn antelope and mule deer,  lizards and snakes . . .

Fierce red sunsets and horizons that go on forever . . .

These are just some of the impressions the Southwest conjures up in my mind, solidified this summer during our visit to this part of America.

Trip Summary

This July my family traveled across the United States on a self-planned tour of the southern Colorado Plateau, that area of uplifted land in Colorado, Utah and Arizona through which the Colorado River and its tributaries drain the Rocky Mountains west of the Continental Divide.  We hiked, fly fished, rafted, canyoneered and, of course, photographed some of the most striking country in the world.

Our itinerary was a counter-clockwise road trip visiting:

  • Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
  • Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah
  • Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
  • Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah
  • Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
  • Zion National Park, Utah
  • Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Stay Tuned . . . .

Over the next several months, I will tell some of the stories and share more of the photography from this trip.

In the meantime, please enjoy these preview images (you can click on any of the above images to enlarge the image).


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