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September Rainbows

Rainbow over Whitetop Mountain from 15,000'+

On the evening of September 21, 2011, a series of beautiful rainbows appeared over the mountains.  From Abingdon, they appeared to rise from behind Holston Mountain and Whitetop Mountain.  I took some quick photos of them.  Somewhere 15,000′ or more above sea level in the sky, my friend took a photo of the same rainbows.  I thought it was unique to have these two different perspectives, thus this post.  Compare the photo on the right with the photos below.  It’s amazing that no matter where you were, the rainbows appeared to rise to the heavens. 

Rainbow over Holston Mountain
Rainbow over Holston Mountain. Note the fog in the valley near Tennessee.
Rainbow over Abingdon
Whitetop Rainbow from 15,000'+