Southwest Virginia Squatch Watch

I previously wrote the tongue-in-cheek article on my finding bigfoot in Southwest Virginia last November.  That article has generated a lot of interest (This website has gotten lots of hits from people searching for the elusive bigfoot.)  For those interested, the premier of the Southwest Virginia episode on Finding Bigfoot will be shown on the Animal Planet channel on Sunday, February 12 at 10:00 pm.  

Did They Overlook Some Prime Squatch Country? Classic Mt. Rogers NRA Scenery

The episode will not only profile some areas in Washington and Smyth Counties as locations where bigfoot has been seen in our area, but also High Knob in Wise County.  (“Animal Planet Seeks Bigfoot in Wise County,” The Coalfield Progress, January 31, 2012, at 1.)

The article quotes Chad Hammel, an Animal Planet producer, as stating that High Knob may be a likely location for bigfoot because of the “topography and thick forest.”  The article states that this area also has a history of bigfoot sightings. 

The U.S. Forest Service official who was quoted in the article did not confirm the sightings and expressed skepticism, stating that if they existed up on High Knob, “They would have been discovered by now.”

I plan to watch the show this Sunday.  I think it’s high time I plan a hike up on High Knob, too (and not just for the squatch watchin’).

One thought on “Southwest Virginia Squatch Watch”

  1. I seriously doubt that there’s a sasquatch out there, I have lived here my whole life and never seen a thing. Someone was seeing dollar signs when they reported this.

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