This Year’s Winter Theme: Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

2011-2012 has been a mild winter.  Last night we finally received a decent snowfall.  The Weather Channel was just up the road in Wytheville reporting live while I-81 got hammered.  To the west in the coalfields we also got a pretty good snow, and all the schools in the region were closed today. 

Early Morning Twilight

The trend this season has also been that on the occasions we have received any accumulation, it’s been gone within 24 hours.  This morning I did get a few quick shots of the snow clinging to the dogwoods with the mountains in the background.  As soon as the sun rose, the snow began to melt. 

Glistening Sunrise

As usual, the white winter blanket of beauty was fleeting.   By this evening the snow was all gone.

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